The central idea of the University of Peace is that there is no outer peace without inner peace, and that we as humans have everything latent within for realizing ourselves in full harmony with our surroundings. We only need a little stimulation in a favourable environment for the complete unfolding and manifestation of our potential, much like a tiny little seed in the ground which only needs warmth, water and light to grow into a huge tree. This, the University of Peace seeks to provide.

Thus the University of Peace will focus on the human being and our unused potential as a key to peace in the world. It will implement a complete knowledge of man - physically, mentally and spiritually - and by the aid of nature work to manifest the perfection already in man. By learning the language of our bodies and reading our minds we shall know our Self. In a materialistic world where economy and commerce reign supreme, those whose basic needs and necessities are met too often lack a spiritual purpose of life. The University of Peace aims at mending this imbalance by stressing the need for an overall view of human life and a meaningful perspective on humanity.

The causes of war, violence, greed, suppression, egotism, pollution and ecological disasters are to be found in our own minds owing to the lack of Self-knowledge and human understanding. For this reason we have so much ignorance, mental immaturity and spiritual illiteracy, which in turn lead to so much aggression and destructiveness in the world. Moreover half of all our so-called “best brains” are directly engaged in the war industry, and the major part of all education, scientific research, commerce and resources are used to feed the machinery of war and in some way or other to conquer each other. What we need is humanity because the same universal heart is beating in all of us and the core of humankind is a unity with a spiritual dimension which is common to all.

The University of Peace will not be a university in the ordinary sense with exams, diplomas or degrees, where learning is based on the acquisition of information. Instead it will be a trans-national forum for peace and human dignity - a centre of inspiration for humanity and human possibilities - free from dogmas, ‘isms’ and prejudices, and independent of organisations, religions, ideologies, and political or spiritual trends - open for all, irrespective of age, sex, race, mental makeup or belonging.