Mt.Tron University of Peace


Mt.Tron University of Peace will be:

  • A transnational centre for humanity, which centres on the human being, not on phenomena, religion or politics, and which focuses on human integration, human dignity and human possibilities. 
  • A "humaniversity" that works for the development of the individual—physically, mentally and spiritually—solely through the individual’s own natural resources, and which raises central and universal human issues on the collective level.
  • An independent centre for peace, which works from the basic "grass roots level" that there will be no outer peace without inner peace, i.e., no collective peace without individual peace.

Mt.Tron University of Peace is needed:

  • Because when the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) and necessities (health, education, security) of life are satisfied we still need a purpose of life. That purpose is spiritual satisfaction—independent of any 'isms' or religious or ideological dogma or doctrine—which is inner and humanly universal, making for the perfection of life.
  • Because we need to know ourselves as humans—physically, mentally and spiritually—to solve individual and collective suffering.
  • Because the tendency of all life is to conquer each other, and as humans we need to learn how to conquer—not by religion, politics, science or commerce, but by the art of life—by compassion, self-sacrifice and wisdom (understanding, sympathy and service).

Mt.Tron University of Peace will:

  • Offer a concrete and unique, large scale plan for collective peace and individual harmony never tried before in this world.
  • Run "Art of Life"- courses on the individual level, and international seminars, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, etc., on the collective level. Also, potentially, host international peace negotiations at diplomatic and political summit level.
  • Serve as a human sanctuary where humans meet as humans and relate to each other naturally and spontaneously independent of faith, belief, race, colour, rank, title or position; and as a human beacon, which will inspire not only individuals, schools, organisations and institutions all over the world, but even governments, states and the United Nations.


We invite the reader to join this unique project and make it a reality!

The Mt.Tron University of Peace is a project in the making. The project is run by Mt.Tron University of Peace Foundation (idea, planning and fundraising, est. 1993) and Mt.Tron University of Peace Estate Inc. (construction, building and property, est. 2010).

The name "Mt.Tron University of Peace" is being used by special permission from The Royal Department of Knowledge who by letter of November 24th 2011 has granted dispensation from the law. We clarify that the University of Peace do not have accreditation according to the Law for Universities and High Schools.